Contact info:

Office: Øster Hornumvej 14, Øster Hornum

DK- 9530 Støvring Danmark

Phone: +45 98 26 90 83

Mobile: +45 40 25 30 59


Who is Tor Mikael Lassén

I was born and raised in Finland, where I was introduced to mink and mink feed as a child. . I have work experience from mink and fox farms, work at a feed kitchen and feed laboratory, where I first became interested in research into fur animal feed. I took my basic education in biology at Åbo Academy in Finland, and subsequently my research training at the National Institute of Animal Science, the Department for Research with Fur Animals, where I worked as a scientific employee, and the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, where I obtained a Ph.D. degree in Animal Nutrition in January 1994.

I have subsequently gained extensive experience in nutrition, feed and feed quality through 22 years of consulting within the fur industry in Denmark and most of Europe I offer highly qualified, independent advice in the areas of: Composition of nutritionally correct feed, assessment of raw material and feed quality, development of raw material and feed preservation, creating quality-monitoring programs and feed legislation issues.

Lassén Feed Consult ApS is for you who want dialogue and the greatest possible insight into the process. My vision is that you as a feed manufacturer deserve the most competent advice in the field of small animal nutrition.

CV Mikael Lassén