High quality fur production requires proper breeding stock, good management and optimally composed feed. The feed is without question the most important part of the production as it influences the growth, the health, the reproduction and of course the fur quality of the animals. Cooperation with Lassén Feed Consult will ensure that your feed is always optimally composed.

Lassén Feed Consult uses the feed optimization program AgroSoft WinOpti .


Small Animal feed is made from by-products from the food industry and can be categorized into either protein, fat,- or carbohydrate-based raw materials. Each raw material has its own specific nutritional content. Taste and other characteristics may vary from raw material to raw material even if the raw materials in question are nutritionally identical. Most raw materials are used fresh or frozen, ensiled or heat treated. The different ways of preservation greatly impact the nutritional content of the raw materials. The raw materials in each feed mixture must complement each other optimally and correspond to the nutritional needs of the animals in each specific period. Lassén Feed Consult has exhaustive data on most raw materials used in animal feed.


Use of low quality raw materials will always result in unsatisfactory feed mixtures that, as formerly mentioned, diminish the production result. Low quality not only refers to poor nutritional composition but also poor hygienic (microbiological) quality which results in the formation of many unwanted chemical substances, such as biogenic amines and volatile nitrogenous compounds. Feed containing fungal toxins (mycotoxins) will always harm the production result.

High-quality raw materials and feed are obtained using risk management and self-monitoring programmes along with a specific analysis programme designed in accordance with the selected raw materials and feed mixtures. Lassén Feed consult is highly proficient at developing risk management plans, self-monitoring programmes in accordance with the HACCP-principles, analysis programmes and at evaluating test results.



Several rigorous studies have determined how various raw materials influence the reproduction, the growth and the fur quality of the animals. These studies have determined the optimal composition of raw materials in various feed mixtures. In Denmark, a number of nutrient digestibility studies on minks have determined how efficiently the animals utilize different raw materials. Furthermore, production studies are also common. In a production study, varying amounts of a raw material are included in different feed mixtures, which are then evaluated over a long period of time to determine how the raw material affects the well-being, the growth and the fur

The latest relevant fur animal research is found at Scientifur or at Mink Research Library. Lassén Feed Consult is always up to date on the most recent findings.