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Sustainability is important in these days and so also in pet food. However, one can look at this in many ways and of course I also have my point of view. Food for cats and dogs, especially dogs are rather close to humans and my first paper is about similarities between food for pet animals and humans.

Food for humans and pet animals

Sustainability can be described in many ways depending on your personal view of sustainability and often in the name of sustainability and environmental concerns, the health of the animals are forgotten, but I have not forgotten that.

Sustainable Pet Food in the future

For a long time I have been working on a paper on carbohydrates in human and  pet food nutrition and I am still working on it. However, this is a short note about oligosaccharides, microbiome, and shortchain fatty acids (SCFA) in humans and its influence on human brain. My hypothesis is that it will have similar effect on cats and dogs.

I am still working on my paper regarding carbohydrates in human and pet nutrition

I stumbled over this webpage today https://sustainablepetfood.info/diets/ It belongs to Andrew Knight, who has published many scientific papers regarding sustainability of vegetarian and vegan food for dogs. Really interesting and a lot of information and many good links to papers regarding vegan food for dogs, though I already had read most of them before.

Sustainable petfood 2024

I have always been interested in fatty acids and the functionality of omega-6 and omega-3 ratio on the health of humans and animals and now of course on the health of cats and dogs. 

omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids